Ketty Villaverde

Limeña de nacimiento,
por herencia; ayacuchana,
de corazón chosicana,
cantora con sentimiento.

Educadora en cimiento,
que hará que el mundo recuerde,
que la fe nunca se pierde,
si sigues tu vocación,
su vida es una canción,


Ketty Paola Villaverde Salazar was born in Lima-Peru on a 16th day of May. She started to sing thanks to the constant and unconditional stalwart of her parents who motivated and guided her and, at the same time, taught her moral values.

As a child she was coached at home by her father, a singing professor, Rolando Villaverde who was a big music cultor and lover. She started her arts career singing one of the most heartfelt, popular and with great tradition music genre in the Spanish language world: the Mexican music, such genre still influences her singing and interpretation.

She took singing lessons with prominent teachers such as the phoniatrician Mrs. MARGARITA PONCE and the singing professor Mr. JUAN LA MADRID.

At 18 she wins the “SEEKING A NATIONAL VOICE” FESTIVAL organized by IRTP and TVPeru, this allowed her to start strongly in the Peruvian music being invited to well-known TVPeru Peruvian folk music shows until now. This gave her the opportunity to share the stage with renowned Peruvian artists.

Multifaceted and protean artist with such a voice color so versatile that allows her to sing a diversity of musical genres. Owner of excellent enunciation and vocal temperament, qualifications that have led her to win several festivals and important awards. She has represented our country in many national and international artistic encounters making her an artist with global projections.

Apart from her artistic career, Ketty Villaverde is an active professional educator.

Nowadays she is considered a young revelation in the Peruvian music and will soon launch her first CD with national and international themes.